15 Oct 2014

The "mysale.my" Alternative

Assalamualaikum Ladies..

Alrighty. A very good news for those who likes to shop online for branded stuff, designers brands and all. Well I must say that I am a frequent stalker of www.mysale.my cause they always have great stuff.

So what I'm gonna do is that I'm going to update it here if there's anything crazy on sale there.

At this moment, there are a few things that I'm putting my eyes on.

Check out this super gorgeous Nina Shoes!!
I don't know why but I really like earthy colors. Don't you think its gorgeous? If you think so, you should check it out here. But hurry up ladies, the sale is only up to tomorrow! Its only RM159!

For accessories hunter or lover, you should check out Kardashian Kollection accessories. They were totally OMG but affordable. It not even RM20!

Well this is my personal favourite bangle. And its only RM19!

Lot more of that came from. The sale is available until next Monday which is 20/10/2014 so... chop chop.. check it out this link now before its too late. Come on!

Last but not least, for those who are looking for shades or aviator or whatever the stuff is that you call (the general term is sunglasses), check out this link because they have things like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli, TODS and Silhouette at sale which is at a remarkable price!

The sale is until Monday too which is 20/10/2014!

So, waste time no more, lets get busy!?!? Really? LOL.. Bajet macam lawak sangat. :P

OK Now just wait for other post of mine, let say if there are more sale in mysale.my , I will totally inform you ladies alright?

Have a good sleep ok dearies..


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