29 Oct 2014

A Piece Of Advice For All Of Us


Each and every one of us is created differently. Some is born rich and some might not be so lucky. Life is a wonderful journey.

However things will not always be great as we will surely face challenges throughout our life. Sometimes the hardship is to test the strength of your love and sometimes it is what Allah gives back to us for all of our past sins.

Have you ever thought of why aren't we all just born rich or beautiful; and in that way everyone will always be happy?

Think again. Things always happen for a reason because Allah always knows what is best for His servants.

For example, there was once a very nice man, a good father and husband to his family I used to know.

He still has his mother and he takes care of her, gives her his money every month and etc.
He is not filthy rich and not limited mean as well as I can say, he lives a moderate life with his family.

He’s an insurance agent who is healthy and his age was around middle 40s.

One day, he managed to sell insurance to a company which worth thousands and that achievement has gotten to receive a huge sum of money for his commission.

Then he suddenly passes away in his praying mat after Asar prayers.

It got me thinking at the beginning why did Allah takes away his life before he can even feel the luxury in his life even for a while.

Then again, Allah knows best. Maybe Allah loves him too much that He know he might not be as good as how he used to be when he’s rich. So before he even astray, better for him to return to his Creator.

Or perhaps He knows that people around him might not be sincere to him anymore because of his wealth. So before he is hurt, better for him to return to his Creator.

Sometimes we look at ourselves in the mirror and questioned why we aren't pretty. Or why aren't we slim or fair.

Think again. Maybe if we are pretty we will always be too proud of ourselves and because Allah loves us, He decided not to make us pretty.

Maybe if we are slim we will be wearing tight clothes to show around our skinny waist and so He makes us fat.

Whatever it is be grateful with yourself right now. Never question the Creator as He knows what best for His servants.

O Allah, if I’m rich and will make your religion better, this nation better and this world better, ease my way. But if it only brings negativity to your religion, the nation and the world, keep my way easy to just sustain what I have right now.


25 Oct 2014

Salam Maal Hijrah

Assalamualaikum lovelies..

First of all, I would like to wish Salam Maal Hijrah.. Alhamdulillah its Awal Muharram. Hope that everyone ingat untuk baca doa akhir tahun dan doa awal tahun semalam ya..

Let us all pray that this year is going to be better than last year. InShaaAllah.. Amin..

Sejarah Takwim Hijrah – Apabila Nabi S.A.W Berhijrah?

“Satu Muharram detik permulaan, perkiraan tahun Islam Hijrah, perpindahan Nabi dan umat Islam, dari Kota Mekah ke Kota Madinah”. Setiap tahun bait-bait lirik ini pasti berkumandang apabila kita memasuki tahun baru Hijrah. Namun tahukah kita sejarah takwim yang jarang-jarang kita ambil tahu ini?

Saidina Omar Al-Khattab

Khalifah kedua selepas Saidina Abu Bakar As-Siddiq ini telah mencetuskan ilham menggunakan kalendar ini selepas Kesatuan Arab menuntut untuk dihasilkan satu kalendar Islam.
Ada juga kisah lain yang mengatakan bahawa Gabenor Abu Musa Al-As’ari telah mengirimkan surat kepada Saidina Umar r.a minta beliau menjelaskan tentang tahun bagi tarikh surat/arahan Umar yang telah dihantar kepadanya. Maka dengan ini beliau (Umar r.a) mahukan satu kalendar / taqwim Islam yang khas untuk menggantikan tahun rujukan kalendar yang berbagai-bagai yang digunakan oleh bangsa-bangsa Arab dan bangsa-bangsa lain pada zaman itu.

Tahun Gajah

Ketika itu, terdapat banyak kalendar yang telah lama dihasilkan seperti Kalendar Tahun Gajah, Kalendar Persia, Kalendar Romawi dan kalendar-kalendar lain yang berasal dari tahun peristiwa-peristiwa besar Jahiliah. Namun Saidina Umar memilih untuk memulakan Kalendar Hijrah pada tahun terdapatnya peristiwa besar yang melibatkan baginda Rasulullah S.A.W. Peristiwa tersebut tidak lain tidak bukan, peristiwa HIJRAH antara Kota Mekah dan Kota Madinah.
Hasil dari itu, Kesatuan Arab lebih sistematik, bersatu dan tersusun serta mendapat berbagai-bagai kejayaan besar dan bertambah kuat hasil dari pilihan Umar itu. Di antara kejayaan besar Islam waktu itu ialah kerajaan Kisra dapat ditumbangkan, Baitulmuqaddis dibebaskan dari Rom dan Masjid Al Aqsa dibangunkan. Setelah Umar membandingkan kalendar tersebut dengan kalendar-kalendar Persia dan Romawi, didapati bahawa kalendar ini ternyata lebih baik. Maka dengan itu Umar mengisytiharkan Kalendar Tahun Hijrah adalah Kalendar / Taqwim Islam yang rasmi.

Nabi S.A.W Berhijrah Bulan Muharram

Peristiwa penghijraan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W berlaku antara bulan Safar hingga Rabiul Awal. Hanya TAHUN berlakunya beristiwa ini ditandakan sebagai TAHUN PERTAMA HIJRAH.

Semoga berguna untuk semua.

Ya Allah.Bukakanlah untuk kami pintu-pintu kebaikan, pintu-pintu keselamatan, pintu-pintu kesihatan, pintu-pintu nikmat, pintu-pintu keberkatan, pintu-pintu kekuatan, pintu-pintu cinta sejati, pintu-pintu kasih sayang, pintu-pintu rezeki, pintu-pintu ilmu, pintu-pintu keampunan dan pintu-pintu syurga. Amin..

15 Oct 2014

The "mysale.my" Alternative

Assalamualaikum Ladies..

Alrighty. A very good news for those who likes to shop online for branded stuff, designers brands and all. Well I must say that I am a frequent stalker of www.mysale.my cause they always have great stuff.

So what I'm gonna do is that I'm going to update it here if there's anything crazy on sale there.

At this moment, there are a few things that I'm putting my eyes on.

Check out this super gorgeous Nina Shoes!!
I don't know why but I really like earthy colors. Don't you think its gorgeous? If you think so, you should check it out here. But hurry up ladies, the sale is only up to tomorrow! Its only RM159!

For accessories hunter or lover, you should check out Kardashian Kollection accessories. They were totally OMG but affordable. It not even RM20!

Well this is my personal favourite bangle. And its only RM19!

Lot more of that came from. The sale is available until next Monday which is 20/10/2014 so... chop chop.. check it out this link now before its too late. Come on!

Last but not least, for those who are looking for shades or aviator or whatever the stuff is that you call (the general term is sunglasses), check out this link because they have things like Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli, TODS and Silhouette at sale which is at a remarkable price!

The sale is until Monday too which is 20/10/2014!

So, waste time no more, lets get busy!?!? Really? LOL.. Bajet macam lawak sangat. :P

OK Now just wait for other post of mine, let say if there are more sale in mysale.my , I will totally inform you ladies alright?

Have a good sleep ok dearies..


14 Oct 2014

The Edge Deviation

Assalamualaikum ladies..

For today's entry I'm going to share a little bit of my knowledge on choosing the kind of shawl that can be easily shape.

What i meant here is the edge of the shawl actually plays an important role where there are a few types of stitches that determines the level of the edge stability. Wah.. Stability Uolss.. Sound serious huh. LOL.

Ok so here I've got the picture of a no no not easy edge which when you hold the shawl and let it fall free towards the ground (*dramatic isn't it), you will be able to see that the edge is somehow looks wavy like a wavy hair? LOL

Doesn't matter whether its hair or whatever that you would want to compare to but, to make sure that you get a clearer picture, I'll show you the picture. Wahh.. Clearer picture, show picture. It rhymes.

Can you see the edge stitches where it is not really straight. Sort of wavy there.

Alrighty, so this kind of edge will be a little bit tricky to be shape. But for those who can fold the shawl into two  and use the crease instead of this edge, you will not face any problem with the variety of edge stitches available.LOL.

But for me, I feel a little uncomfortable with "Tudung Bawal" or the "Square Shawl" so the crease doesn't really go with my face font.

Hence, choosing the right shawl with the right edge stitches is compulsary.

Here are the examples of an easy to shape edge:

This is the normal seam edge of a shawl but depending on the fabric elasticity, it didn't wrinkle much.

This is a folded edge which is very convenient to be shape and stable.

This is another example of normal seam edge but as stated in above picture, the fabric too plays an equally important role.

The kind of fabric that works best for me is Georgette which is easy to handle and don't need you to iron it each time you want to wear it.

For a lazy bum like me, this is my favourite fabric. Not to mention that its not very sheer either.

So this is my fave edge type which is folded edge. Super stable and easy to shape.

By the way, the shawl that I'm wearing is from www.realhijab.com which is superb comfy, no need to iron and most important is non sheer.

So I hope that this entry will somehow be able to assist you ladies in finding your "purr"fect shawl.

My final word is, feel free to drop your comments or questions and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

Have a spectacular day ahead.

13 Oct 2014

The Modvier Paradox

Assalamualaikum lovelies...

Alright, for today's entry, I'm gonna recommend you with a one stop designers shop that is located in Bangsar.

Maybe some of you might have heard of this particular boutique since it is quite well established actually.

But for those who doesn't, this is like a one stop boutique cuz lots of famous designers labels are available here.

For example Bella Ammara, Zawara, ImaanBoutique, Calaqisya, Radius Site... (*gasping for air cuz too many famous labels but I've got to mention at least 10!)

Tudung People, Hudson, L'adorn, Farah Iskandar, Jubah Souq, Dhaneen, 14 Nov By Yuna, Wafiyya and..... many more.. Yeahh I mentioned more than 10..LOL

OK. All these brands are totally brands to die for like seriously. Who wouldn't have a Bella Ammara gorgeous Bella Jubah. Who wouldn't want a Calaqisya amazing Sumayyah Jubah? Who would not want to possess superb flowy Aimee Instant Shawl from Radius Site?

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me now..! I totally feel like going there for another shopping spree right now but unfortunately I can't.

Do yo know how I feel? Let me give you a hint. My feeling has something in common with a black hole. Ring any bell? Not ring Annabella ye. Sorry.Silly joke.

Ok the answer is. it feels suck man.. Opss I mean girls..

Jibber jabbing too much already. Better start showing some pictures of the boutique which I've obtained via the search engine. LOL

So the beautiful lady in the middle is the founder of Modvier, Sara.

These two lovelies is the YouTube Star, Yuna and the famous Blogger, R Nadia.

So lovelies, if there is any comment or inquiries you wish to know, feel free to drop by the comment box alright. I'll be more than happy to help.

Lets welcome Tuesday, and may you have a blessful day ahead ya!


12 Oct 2014

بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ


Calaqisya is a huge phenomena in muslimah clothing. I can't deny that I myself has fallen in love with muslimah fashion when I started to know them.

The designs are very pleasant and most important is that all the designs follow the Islamic syariah. Alhamdulillah.

Cala means castle and Qisya means goodness,positiveness which are derived from Arabic language.

For those who always follow the latest fashion updates must've grown accustomed with Calaqisya since they are very synonym with the muslimah clothing.

At first I've always encountered muslimah post with #calaqueens hash-tag on Instagram which then leads me to their Instagram account.

Then I saw  a very beautiful clothing line designed by Calaqisya.

Gotta tell you, all the dresses are so adorable and the jubah is so trendy yet modest.

This is their first Hana Jubah but now theres like Hana Lebaran with sequins around the wrist and also Hana 2.0 which is super beautiful.

The great thing about their designs are actually all of their signature pieces are BF friendly and wudhu friendly.

Another great piece from them is definitely the Zara Shawl which is a very clever design of shawl with crumpled at somewhere near the edge that makes it looks very fashionable.

I actually manage to get only ONE! Its selling like hot cakes seriously. I even went there another time to purchase it but its not available anymore. A very disappointing moment I must say

However,this is the piece that I managed to grab from Calaqisya.

So ladies, wait no more and lets check out their website at www.calaqisya.com to see for yourself. Great news to those who stayed in Ipoh, Shah Alam and Johor Bharu, you guys can visit their boutiques there! Any inquiries, don't hesitate to leave a comment because I'll be more than happy to assist you ladies.

Have a great week ahead! Assalamualaikum.