13 Oct 2014

The Modvier Paradox

Assalamualaikum lovelies...

Alright, for today's entry, I'm gonna recommend you with a one stop designers shop that is located in Bangsar.

Maybe some of you might have heard of this particular boutique since it is quite well established actually.

But for those who doesn't, this is like a one stop boutique cuz lots of famous designers labels are available here.

For example Bella Ammara, Zawara, ImaanBoutique, Calaqisya, Radius Site... (*gasping for air cuz too many famous labels but I've got to mention at least 10!)

Tudung People, Hudson, L'adorn, Farah Iskandar, Jubah Souq, Dhaneen, 14 Nov By Yuna, Wafiyya and..... many more.. Yeahh I mentioned more than 10..LOL

OK. All these brands are totally brands to die for like seriously. Who wouldn't have a Bella Ammara gorgeous Bella Jubah. Who wouldn't want a Calaqisya amazing Sumayyah Jubah? Who would not want to possess superb flowy Aimee Instant Shawl from Radius Site?

Tell me! Tell me! Tell me now..! I totally feel like going there for another shopping spree right now but unfortunately I can't.

Do yo know how I feel? Let me give you a hint. My feeling has something in common with a black hole. Ring any bell? Not ring Annabella ye. Sorry.Silly joke.

Ok the answer is. it feels suck man.. Opss I mean girls..

Jibber jabbing too much already. Better start showing some pictures of the boutique which I've obtained via the search engine. LOL

So the beautiful lady in the middle is the founder of Modvier, Sara.

These two lovelies is the YouTube Star, Yuna and the famous Blogger, R Nadia.

So lovelies, if there is any comment or inquiries you wish to know, feel free to drop by the comment box alright. I'll be more than happy to help.

Lets welcome Tuesday, and may you have a blessful day ahead ya!


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