14 Oct 2014

The Edge Deviation

Assalamualaikum ladies..

For today's entry I'm going to share a little bit of my knowledge on choosing the kind of shawl that can be easily shape.

What i meant here is the edge of the shawl actually plays an important role where there are a few types of stitches that determines the level of the edge stability. Wah.. Stability Uolss.. Sound serious huh. LOL.

Ok so here I've got the picture of a no no not easy edge which when you hold the shawl and let it fall free towards the ground (*dramatic isn't it), you will be able to see that the edge is somehow looks wavy like a wavy hair? LOL

Doesn't matter whether its hair or whatever that you would want to compare to but, to make sure that you get a clearer picture, I'll show you the picture. Wahh.. Clearer picture, show picture. It rhymes.

Can you see the edge stitches where it is not really straight. Sort of wavy there.

Alrighty, so this kind of edge will be a little bit tricky to be shape. But for those who can fold the shawl into two  and use the crease instead of this edge, you will not face any problem with the variety of edge stitches available.LOL.

But for me, I feel a little uncomfortable with "Tudung Bawal" or the "Square Shawl" so the crease doesn't really go with my face font.

Hence, choosing the right shawl with the right edge stitches is compulsary.

Here are the examples of an easy to shape edge:

This is the normal seam edge of a shawl but depending on the fabric elasticity, it didn't wrinkle much.

This is a folded edge which is very convenient to be shape and stable.

This is another example of normal seam edge but as stated in above picture, the fabric too plays an equally important role.

The kind of fabric that works best for me is Georgette which is easy to handle and don't need you to iron it each time you want to wear it.

For a lazy bum like me, this is my favourite fabric. Not to mention that its not very sheer either.

So this is my fave edge type which is folded edge. Super stable and easy to shape.

By the way, the shawl that I'm wearing is from www.realhijab.com which is superb comfy, no need to iron and most important is non sheer.

So I hope that this entry will somehow be able to assist you ladies in finding your "purr"fect shawl.

My final word is, feel free to drop your comments or questions and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

Have a spectacular day ahead.

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