8 Nov 2015

First World Crisis

First  world crisis, where to eat. Who agrees with me? Everyday and every time we wanba  go eat with our friends we would we asking each other where to eat.

The problem we are facing nowadays is that too many hipsters cafes that doesn't even serve good food. Some solely rely on the beautiful decorations and design of the restaurant only. Which is rather sad actually.

Well for me I like to trial error with the cafes and restaurants. If its good I'll definitely come back for more.

The picture above was taken at SAS Corner located in Taman Melati. This place has lots of food variety to offer like western food and also normal local dish like nasi goreng, sizzling hot plate and many more.

The thing is, i love the taste of the food which is awesome and the variety. Its like a one stop centre. Plus the price is moderate too which is appropriate with the food quality and portion.

You guys can try it. Definitely worth it. Rhe location address is as shown:

20, Jalan Taman Melati
Taman P Ramlee, 53000
Kuala Lumpur.

27 Oct 2015

Krabi with below RM600! 4N 3D!


It's been a while since my last post.

Well been starting a fully grown up life to be honest.
Things aren't the same anymore when I actually need to start to live on my own with no support from my parents at all. I mean financially. You will be embarrassed too to say no money whenever they ask.

Frankly they are still being parents even though you already started working. Even when I'm going travelling my mom would still ask if I have got enough money to spend. My reaction was like yeah I do and at the same time thinking of course i have. Wouldn't be going anywhere if have limited mean for sure.

Well I guess she is just being a mother. OK back to the main point. The travel was a 5 days and 4 nights trip. It was so much fun and adventure and honestly its much more interesting when its like a backpacker style rather than the normal fancy travel.

So as usual make sure that your passport is still valid for at least another 6 months if I'm not mistaken. Passport these days is minimum RM200 for 5 years.

KL SENTRAL -- Hatyai (Bunk Train) about RM60
Hatyai -- PUDU (Bus Sri Raya) about RM100

Ao Nang Terrace Hotel -- RM40 per night.

Activity for Island Hopping plus Transportation from Hatyai to Krabi and Krabi to Hatyai
1300 Baht (about RM140 or so)

Van Rental for 2nd night
125 Baht

From Hatyai floating market to the Lee Garden (bus)
50 baht

Bare in mind that this is an 8 pax trip. Hence the fare is divided by 8 and its quite cheap to be honest.

So when we got to Hatyai we went straight to Krabi by van. It took about 5 hours to get there. Then after we checked in to the hotel and rest and do anything necessary and by night we went out on foot to wander around that area.

The hotel area was near a lot of restaurants and hawker food stall. So we wandered that night in search of foods and local delicacies such as Thai Pancakes, Phad Krai and etc.

The food are the best for sure. It was cheap and it was good. Its just the matter of what kind of dish you choose because there are some dishes that was just okay and there are some incredibly good.

The next day we went for island hopping. My tips here is that not to buy the package earlier because island hopping will always rely on the weather. If the weather is good then its okay. But if its too windy and the see is rough, there won't be any island hopping and the worst part is that you can't refund your money but the package was change instead.

It will be the tour to boring places like the Hot Spring, The Tiger Temple and the only great place in this package is Emerald pool. The other 2 is just not worth going.

By the night, we rent a van which cost us about 125 baht each to go to the Krabi Night Market located in Krabi town. It took about almost 40 minutes to reach there. And we shopped till we dropped.

The next day was the day for us to go back to Hatyai. We checked out in the morning and took van which was included in the package on the first day we got here and go straight to the floating market.

We spent all the remaining time of the day there until 6PM before we go the bus pick up location.
Honestly, the floating market is food paradise. The food was all insanely good and i must say that my expenses were more on solely food basically.

So there you go the budget allocation on my Krabi short retreat. Am definitely going back there if i got the chance.

29 Oct 2014

A Piece Of Advice For All Of Us


Each and every one of us is created differently. Some is born rich and some might not be so lucky. Life is a wonderful journey.

However things will not always be great as we will surely face challenges throughout our life. Sometimes the hardship is to test the strength of your love and sometimes it is what Allah gives back to us for all of our past sins.

Have you ever thought of why aren't we all just born rich or beautiful; and in that way everyone will always be happy?

Think again. Things always happen for a reason because Allah always knows what is best for His servants.

For example, there was once a very nice man, a good father and husband to his family I used to know.

He still has his mother and he takes care of her, gives her his money every month and etc.
He is not filthy rich and not limited mean as well as I can say, he lives a moderate life with his family.

He’s an insurance agent who is healthy and his age was around middle 40s.

One day, he managed to sell insurance to a company which worth thousands and that achievement has gotten to receive a huge sum of money for his commission.

Then he suddenly passes away in his praying mat after Asar prayers.

It got me thinking at the beginning why did Allah takes away his life before he can even feel the luxury in his life even for a while.

Then again, Allah knows best. Maybe Allah loves him too much that He know he might not be as good as how he used to be when he’s rich. So before he even astray, better for him to return to his Creator.

Or perhaps He knows that people around him might not be sincere to him anymore because of his wealth. So before he is hurt, better for him to return to his Creator.

Sometimes we look at ourselves in the mirror and questioned why we aren't pretty. Or why aren't we slim or fair.

Think again. Maybe if we are pretty we will always be too proud of ourselves and because Allah loves us, He decided not to make us pretty.

Maybe if we are slim we will be wearing tight clothes to show around our skinny waist and so He makes us fat.

Whatever it is be grateful with yourself right now. Never question the Creator as He knows what best for His servants.

O Allah, if I’m rich and will make your religion better, this nation better and this world better, ease my way. But if it only brings negativity to your religion, the nation and the world, keep my way easy to just sustain what I have right now.