8 Nov 2015

First World Crisis

First  world crisis, where to eat. Who agrees with me? Everyday and every time we wanba  go eat with our friends we would we asking each other where to eat.

The problem we are facing nowadays is that too many hipsters cafes that doesn't even serve good food. Some solely rely on the beautiful decorations and design of the restaurant only. Which is rather sad actually.

Well for me I like to trial error with the cafes and restaurants. If its good I'll definitely come back for more.

The picture above was taken at SAS Corner located in Taman Melati. This place has lots of food variety to offer like western food and also normal local dish like nasi goreng, sizzling hot plate and many more.

The thing is, i love the taste of the food which is awesome and the variety. Its like a one stop centre. Plus the price is moderate too which is appropriate with the food quality and portion.

You guys can try it. Definitely worth it. Rhe location address is as shown:

20, Jalan Taman Melati
Taman P Ramlee, 53000
Kuala Lumpur.

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